EDGE Webinars

EDGE is hosting a series of web-video workshops which are recorded and available to participants following the live presentation. Participants from across the country can engage key thinkers and practitioners in a real-time interactive presentation with video and PowerPoint presentation brought directly to their desk, laptop or group.

If you are new to webinars, you can download PDF guide to participating in webinars before you start, and watch an intro video to help understand what webinars can do.

Upcoming Webinars

 **Please note: All webinar times are listed in Eastern Time**

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February 19 @ 12pm ET: The Indispensable Church with Tom Thresher [**This is a paid webinar**]

March 11 @ 12pm ET: Technology & Worship with David Patterson

March 26 @ 12pm ET: Reformed Spirituality with Karen Boivin [**This is a paid webinar**]

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April 9 @ 12pm ET: “Festamagouche” Maritime Greenbelt-Inspired Festival with Robyn Brown Hewitt
April 29 @ 12pm: Missional Initiatives with Tom Brackett
May 20 @ 12pm: Re-imagining Children’s and Youth Ministry with Dave Csinos

Recorded Webinars

Our EDGE Webinar Store is available now, where you can get access to all our recorded webinars.  With more webinars being added each week, our recorded webinar library will soon have access to over 100 webinars with topics ranging from church amalgamation to preaching to children’s ministries. Many free webinars are available, while some have a small $4.99 fee.